Munay We took Munay down to K-9 Good Manners as a completely untrained goofball, and we got back highly obedient great family dog, although, she still is our goofball. Since, getting Munay back we have taken her to soccer games, family outings, and walks through the various pet stores. Everywhere we go people are amazed at Munay's obedience.
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Protection Dogs

Our Protection Dogs are social animals with understanding through training to know when things can take a turn for the worse. Dogs can be playing with your children and stop an intruder all in the same scenario. THE OLD WAYS OF SEPARATING THE DOG FROM SOCIALIZATION IS OVER! The truth is they CAN separate the situations. If you came to my home to meet my dogs, (which you are welcome) they would love you to pet them up and play with them. Now come back when I’m not home or when we are asleep AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Questions? Call 864-451-8271 or contact us.

For the most part dogs raised or imported through us are social dogs with the training to the levels needed.

We do also have the ability to acquire and train Police Dogs, Executive Security Dogs, or dogs for other private security needs.

If Pedigree, Import status, Sport Dog Titles, (such as Schutzhund, IPO, KKL), are important, we have a wide range of the dogs we have or can bring into this training program. We can also find the breed you are most interested in as long as it would fit the level of dog you are most interested in.

All dogs have been trained through our Six Week Obedience program.  This means they will respond to all commands on or off leash.

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Level 1:

A level one dog acts as a deterrent to most possible threats. On command, the dog will go to the end of leash, bark and make a show of force with its teeth and growl to keep people at bay. The dog is sound and will handle most situations just by being present.

Level 2:

A level 2 dog will react the same way as the level 1 dog, and has been trained how stop attacks. This dog has the power and training to fight off an attacker who would try to get in the house, the car, even an attack off the street. This dog is very social with the family and people coming in contact with the family, unless it is commanded to or situational training dictates a need to protect.

Level 3:

This level is what we call a “Hard Dog”. A level 3 dog is the dog you may need if you truly have an actual, specific threat to you or your family and not just a deterrence or reactionary situation. This dog has some of the same training that today’s police officers use for their K9′s. This type of dog is custom found, imported and trained to the very situation that is being presented.

If you have a dog you believe to have the proper instincts for this type of job contact us and we can have the dog tested for you to let you know if it can be trained. We will not train ANY dog for protection that does not go through our Six Week Obedience program. This is to make sure that all dogs trained are able to be controlled by the owner and not loose cannons!


Available for Purchase:


Argos is a medium sized German Shepherd.  He is a family social dog raised in a home with children.  Both parents are European imports.  Argos has been trained through the six week in kennel obedience training program, as well as Level II Protection. Call for more details.


“Orri” (Orri Majoruv haj) is a large male German Shepherd Dog imported from The Czeck Republic.  He is a titled IPO1 dog. Orri has been trained through the six week in kennel obedience training program, as well as Level II Protection.  His pedigree can be viewed on the pedigree database.  Please call for more details.


Rhonda is a large female German Shepherd Dog from The Czeck Republic.